terrenis asked:

Hi, I love your Kitten!! Steve Story. Are you going to post it on AO3? I'd love to read it there, too. Good job ☺!

Yeah.  For those who’ve been asking for the start of the fic, try the kitten!steve, kitten america, kitten terminator and stucky tags on my blog.  I will post the whole darn crazy thing on AO3 as soon as I can finish it.  :D

yamijay asked:

This is going to be HILARIOUS when they will explain to Bucky that the tiny, cute kitty that he has with him is ACTUALLY Steve. XD I'm pretty sure Tony is gonna be is usual self and be a damn brat.

I’m pretty sure the phrase “Bucky will have actual kittens” may come in handy here.

Although Steve cuddles, whether he’s kitty-fied or human, may go a long way in helping Bucky deal.


I have to think about that. :P

autumn-sweet-fae asked:

ok, so if Bucky's been protecting Steve from the shadows, wouldn't he notice if he was suddenly off the radar? And after seeing those magic users with Hydra, put two and two together? and on another note, how are the other Avengers and Sam handling that their valiant leader has been kittenfied and is now in the hands of the Winter Soldier? Any rescue missions planned? Sorry, I just love this au to pieces (◡‿◡✿)

"Okay, so I need to recap this because maybe, just maybe saying it out loud will make things have this wonderful component called sense…. oh hell, what am I even saying?  Our lives are a fucking comic book.”  Tony takes a deep breath.  “So basically, HYDRA’s got Death Eaters and if they’ve got Voldemort too, please, tell me we have Harry Potter on our side - and said Death Eaters have zapped our Cap into a kitten.”

"The itty-est, bitty-est, cutest kitty cat you’ve ever seen," Clint cracked, looking at Kitten America’s SHIELD file picture.  

"She’s not Harry Potter but she’ll need time to figure out the counterspell," Natasha offered.  "All we need to do is to get Kitten America back."

"Man, Steve isn’t going to live down the nickname, is he?" Sam snickered.


"Great.  Just get Kitten America back, it’s doable," Bruce said wryly.

"If we can get him away from the Winter Soldier.  Sure.  Very doable," Tony returned, just as wryly. 

"Who, for the record, apparently adores him," Simmons volunteered.  "It’s cute."

Everyone stared at her. She crossed her arms over her chest and puffed.  “Well it IS cute!  And Kitten America is very protective of him.  They make a good team.”

Tony threw his arms up in the air.  “Sure.  Let’s just allow the Winter Soldier and Fluffy Sidekick terrorize HYDRA through Death by Adorable.  We’ll just get human Cap back later.”

"Look, basically, all our data suggests that Sergeant Barnes - because it looks like he’s regaining his memories - is pretty much doing the Roaring Rampage of Revenge thing, right?" Skye began. 

"That and because he’s got red in his ledger," Natasha added.

"And also because he’s protecting Cap," Coulson said, tapping at footage in which a HYDRA scientist made the terrible mistake of threatening Steve Rogers, to which the Soldier had coldly responded:  You will not touch him.  And afterwards, said HYDRA scientist promptly had a bullet hole in his head. 

"Exactly," Skye said triumphantly.  "If we want to get Sergeant Barnes to come running, we need to let him know, somehow, that Steve’s missing.”

Tony, of course, had the best response to this.  “As long as this plan doesn’t involve all of us getting bullet holes in our heads from Cap’s Angry Russian Sniper Boyfriend, I’m game!”


If he didn’t know better, there was almost an element of worry to Punk’s meows as he butted his head against the Soldier’s cheek in an effort to offer comfort. 

Steve Rogers was missing.

The Avengers and what remained of SHIELD were all frantic in their efforts to find him.  And there wasn’t a sign or trace of Steve, even as Bucky was systematically going through every HYDRA cell he could find.  HYDRA, despite its epic miscommunication fails, had at least managed to alert some groups to be on the lookout for the missing Captain. 

This was no Avengers/SHIELD trap. 

His fists clenched.  His nightmares, based on his rapidly returning memories, were bad enough.  He didn’t need to add the mental image of a screaming Steve being put in The Chair and subjected to the same torment that the Soldier had suffered.  No. 

"Fuck, no," he whispered.

Punk chirruped. 

As always, he gently scratched the kitten’s chin and his favorite spots behind his ear. 

"I suppose we need to hook up with some of Steve’s new friends, Punk.  Idiot’s gone and got himself in trouble again.  What do you think?"

He got an offended bat on the nose with a paw for his trouble.

"He’s a trouble magnet, just like you.  Can’t leave him alone, even for five minutes, apparently."

Somehow, Punk managed to make a meow sound almost exactly like the word Jerk, the same way Steve Rogers would’ve said it.  To Bucky.  To the Soldier. 

To him.

The Soldier huffed in amusement.  “Yeah.  Let’s go make nice with Steve’s friends, then.”

- tbc -

enchantress0223 asked:

I'm loving the story if kitty!Steve. Please keep going. Also, will Bucky be key in on the secret out will he have to wait till someone figures out how to get Steve back in human form?

That’s what I’m trying to decide.  I mean, we DO need to get human Steve back eventually, because even ferocious Kitten America can’t use his mighty shield.  :P

Also I really want the opportunity for the Winter Soldier to realize his itty bitty Punk really is…. his Itty Bitty Punk.  With Bonus Snarkage from Coulson’s Team! :D 

glide-thru asked:

Kitty Steve is precious! Does Winter Soldier protect "Punk" from unfriendly dogs/cats?


Protectiveness is something that comes to the Winter Soldier easily and it brings with it feelings and impressions that are far less painful than the HYDRA-enforced directive of obey without question.

Protect Steve was the Original Mission, the only Mission that actually ever really mattered.  So the Soldier would be carrying out that Mission, even if he didn’t want to cross paths with Steve ever again, not broken and twisted as he was now.

It was slightly disconcerting, however, to find that his feline companion apparently felt the same way towards him and nope, Punk apparently wasn’t going to discriminate between human or animal threats. 

The Soldier barely stifled a yelp when Punk hissed and jumped down from his shoulder, only to stand in front of the Soldier and a huge Doberman who looked like it could swallow Punk up in one bite.  Not that it was going to stop the kitten - the kitten’s back was arched, his fur was all puffed, tail was up and he was hissing ferociously at the dog. 

"Jesus, Punk!" The Soldier exclaimed, diving in to save his kitten, just as the dog’s owner yanked back on the growling animal’s leash, sending apologies towards the Soldier’s way. 

The Soldier didn’t pay the dog’s owner any mind.  He was just interested in getting Punk out of there.

"Are you outta your mind?" he demanded of the kitten.  Never mind if the animal wasn’t actually going to talk back.


Somehow, the Soldier was half expecting the answer to be:  I had him on the ropes. 

"He was twenty times your size and you would have been Kitten. Chow.  Do you understand that, Punk?  One bite.  You would have been a goner."

"Meowr."  One little paw booped the Soldier on the nose.

"Nope, you’re not using cute to get away with this."  The Soldier held the Kitten close, stared down into big blue eyes.  "Stop picking fights on your own, you hear me?"

Stop picking fights on your own, Stevie.  One day I’m not gonna be there and then you’re gonna get yourself killed.

Punk blinked at him twice. 

The Soldier sighed.  “You’re such a little punk, you know that?”

The Soldier sighed and set the kitten back to his usual place on his shoulder.  Punk nuzzled against his chin and purred. 


- tbc -

Note:  Yeah, nope, this bunny’s not going away any time soon.  Also, we need to figure out how to get human Steeb back! :P  

luckyfilbert asked:



"Huh," was Skye’s initial reaction after they had all watched the latest footage that had captured the Winter Soldier in action.  It was a damn good impression of Phil Coulson, to be honest.  "I guess Death by Adorable is actually, literally possible.”

May kept her poker face just for five seconds before she snorted in laughter.  Seriously.  The Winter Soldier’s unexpected, fuzzy sidekick was agile, fast and was absolutely ferocious in defending his human partner.

That the kitten was actually a bespelled Captain America - well, that was just a bonus. 

Coulson wasn’t surprised, really.  As a human, Steve Rogers didn’t back down from anybody, even when he’d been five foot two and ninety pounds wheezing.  So it stood to reason that he still wouldn’t back down, even as an itty, bitty kitten.

Tripp winced as the footage showed the Soldier punching out an agent everyone recognized as being from the STRIKE teams while Kitten America clawed the goon at the groin.  “Yeowch.  Vicious little critter, isn’t he?”

May snorted.  “You ever see Cap the human in action?  He doesn’t shy from ball shots at all.  He’s not quite the saint history books claim he is.”

"Do you think the Soldier’s figured out who his feline partner really is?" Simmons wondered.

The SHIELD agents all looked at each other.  Well.  That was a mystery, wasn’t it?


The Soldier figured that his tiny partner definitely deserved salmon tonight.

He really hadn’t intended to take the kitten along on missions.  But the little guy had firmly made his place in one of his pockets and meowed so loudly at being left behind, that the Soldier, against his better judgment, relented.

Also, he tried not to think too much about how the kitten strongly reminded him of a frail, but scrappy little blonde haired boy in his fragmented dreams. 

The kitten would meow forlornly, scratch or look so pitiful whenever the Soldier even thought about leaving him behind somewhere safe or with someone else, that he couldn’t bring himself to do it.  He’d had to google all the signs of cat depression and the kitten definitely showed the symptoms, which only eased if the Soldier picked him up and cuddled him close.

So, yeah, really, he definitely had a fuzzy partner for missions.  A fuzzy, lethal partner, by the looks of it.

He gently stroked the head of his kitten as the little guy happily wolfed down his dinner.  At least he now had a name.

Punk was an excellent name for a kitten.  In fact, Punk himself twined around the Soldier’s ankles and purred quite loudly upon being told his new name. 

- tbc -


kitten terminator ideas…

i mean srsly, do y’all think Winter Soldier would be twice as terrifying with a fierce little blonde fluffball on his shoulder?

because, y’know, kitten!steve has never let little things like being tiny and helpless stop him from getting into the Good Fight. 

and we need a name for kitten!steve.  i mean, bucky’s not going to call him “steve” because obviously, he doesn’t know this is his punk….



does that sound good to anyone?

you may have noticed there’s a method to my madness….

so I read thunderboltsortofapenny's reference to a most excellent meta talking about steve rogers and depression, which, mind you, I agree with 100% and explains my poor, poor attempts at trying to incorporate this in my recent fics. 

because, steve’s about as much of a mess as bucky is - he’s just so “quiet” as someone else has so eloquently put it - that we all forget how much pain he’s in. 

(personally, it helps me a lot because my real life is HELL, fucking HELL and while there are sunshine spots there are times when all i want to do is SCREAM)

and now i’ve got tabs open researching on how cats show depression.

because kitten!steve.

yeah.  method.  madness.  crack. 

welcome to the blanket fort.


kitsune-scribe said: That poor S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent who has to tell Coulson that they LOST KITTEN AMERICA.

"Sir.  Um."

The Cavalry rolled her eyes at the poor new junior agent who was too busy literally quaking in their shoes.  “Spit it out, Agent.  The Director’s not going to eat you.”

"We lost Kitten America sir!"  Junior Agent blurted out.  Then turned an unlovely shade of purple.  "I mean, Captain America.  Who’s a kitten.  Because magic.  Sir."

"On second thought, would you like to be filleted or barbequed?" Agent May inquired politely.

"Huh," said the Director in atypical fashion, although everyone who knew him well was aware that Director Coulson was this close to losing it.  Also, calling Director Coulson the foremost expert (read: massive ginormous raging fanboy - courtesy of Clint Barton) on Captain America was an understatement. 

The story came tumbling out.  Apparently, HYDRA had taken to employing humans who were actually capable of using massive amounts of energy in what everyone else would call magic and what scientists like Jane Foster would call “science yet to be explained.”   Proper terms aside, said wizards had managed to zap America’s Super Soldier and turn him into an itty, bitty, golden kitten. 

Cutest darn thing anyone had ever seen - words that had actually made it onto the report with this picture:

However, Kitten America (this nickname had stuck and it was gleefully adopted by Skye, Tripp and Team FitzSimmons) had temporarily won free of his captors and had been picked up by a tattered remnant of a SHIELD team that had been assigned to “Cap Watch.”  The general idea was that they would get Kitten Cap to a SHIELD witch - whose loyalty to the cause was vetted by May herself - to undo the spell.

HYDRA had caught up to them.

This poor Junior Agent was among the survivors of that team. 

Apparently, Kitten America had willingly gone with HYDRA, if it meant saving the lives of the SHIELD Cap Watch team.  The fact that Cap’s human mind was apparently still functioning in that little fuzzy blonde head was reassuring.

The problem was, this HYDRA cell apparently had the Winter Soldier in their ranks. 

The fact that the Winter Soldier was among the HYDRA cell personnel may have also weighed heavily in Kitten Cap’s decision to go to the enemy.  Everyone knew, by this point, that the Winter Soldier was James Buchanan Barnes - Cap’s old BFF - and well, it was no surprise that Cap was good and determined to save him.

Coulson sighed.  First off, there was a SHIELD witch to pick up and a Kitten America to find.  Time to get to work.


The fact that the numerous HYDRA cells were massively disorganized and lacking in communication after the Triskelion Incident worked very much in the Soldier’s favor. 

Maybe he wasn’t completely James Buchanan Barnes yet, but the Soldier understood what had been done to him, what had been taken away from him and he certainly understood vengeance.  So he took to this new mission with all the skill, cunning and rage he’d had building up for the past seventy years. 

Infiltrating HYDRA cells like this one, pretending to be the docile Soldier, gathering intel and then burning and salting everything to the earth - this was a walk in the park considering things.  In the back of his mind, there was also the underlying directive.  Protect Steve. 

Maybe he wasn’t going to be much use to Captain Steve Rogers anymore, because the “Bucky” of Captain Rogers’ past no longer existed.  But he’d protect Steve anyway.

He wasn’t sure why this particular (and seriously stupid, because kittens, really?) HYDRA cell wanted this tiny bit of golden fluff but he’d played along with it.  He knew HYDRA had long dabbled in what other people would term “the occult.” 

They gave him his orders.  Kill the kitten.

The kitten gazed up at him with hopeful, trusting, oddly familiar big blue eyes and simply said, “Mew.”

At that point, the Soldier, figuring that he’d already gotten all the intel he needed without being subjected to The Chair again or worse for questioning orders, started the methodical process of eliminating the targets.  There were really only two magic-users in this group.  He took them out first, before they could hex him.

The rest were easy. 

When he was done, the kitten actually clambered right up to his shoulder and rubbed its fuzzy head against his cheek.  He absently trailed gentle fingers along its head. 

It purred contentedly. 

"All right, pal," the Soldier rasped, shaping the words in a way he hadn’t done for a very long time.  "Let’s go."


"Don’t suppose you got a name, do you?"


"All right, pal.  I’ll think of something.  Something that will fit you." He scratched the kitten under its chin and it blinked at him.  Twice.

The Soldier wasn’t sure why HYDRA and SHIELD were fighting over this one kitten but as mission partners go, this wasn’t a bad one.  He had more HYDRA cells to take down. And now he had a fuzzy partner to take along with. 

- tbc -